Farleigh Court Solarium

Our solarium is powered by low glare infrared bulbs, these lamps provide a pleasant warming effect that can improve circulation and help to relax tense muscles.

Infrared bulb heat penetration is a great source of Vitamin D which is an essential vitamin for healthy skin and muscle development, which horses get from sunshine and is often lacked in the winter months.

​A short session under our lamps prior to exercise relaxes the horse and warms their muscles in preparation for training. Once under saddle our horses are more relaxed, warm and ready to train!

Horses are dried under the solarium after exercise. The infrared rays stimulate the blood and encourage the circulation so that the break-down of lactic acid is accelerated.

Our Solarium is also used after bathing, during show prep or to improve general health and wellbeing of the horse.

I have two horses on full livery with Hannah and they both relish in the relaxed and professional environment created for them and unsurprisingly lap up the five star treatment they receive. As an owner I not only feel confident that my horses are well cared for but I also benefit from training with Hannah, who is a really effective coach and has enabled my partnership with my new horse to flourish.