Farleigh Court offers 35 acres of lush post and rail genuine all year round turnout. We graze our horses in small same sex groups.

Our pasture is maintained with a combination of regular harrowing, topping, rolling, weed and droppings removal.

24 hour summer turnout available.

Our pastures are never over stocked.

We carry out regular worm egg counts as part of our SMART worming program (Simply Monitor and Assess the Risk and Treat accordingly). We aim to avoid routine blanket use of wormers as we believe this may encourage the development of drug resistance.

Hannah has put together an excellent package to address my horses’ quirky ways and provides a comprehensive exercise plan for him. Hannah has also been brilliant at keeping me informed of his progress.
Aside from the care provided for our two horses, the indoor and outdoor schools are a huge asset and the grazing is excellent. The stables are of a high standard and the beds, quality of feed and hay are 5 star.
Hannah is now teaching my 14 year old twins and we are all extremely impressed by her calm, confidence-giving manner and positive attitude. I cannot recommend Farleigh highly enough- just fabulous.